Your last chance to order 3-MMC

Currently we have ran out of our supply of 3-MMC powder/crystals.

We would be able to make another purchase at our lab, but we can’t afford to run the risk of being left with a supply when the new law comes in effect.

So right now, our 3-MMC is on back order.

For you this means:

  • You can make a purchase
  • Do not combine this purchase with other products.
  • Use Coinbase as your payment method,

When, before July 20th, we receive enough back orders, we’ll purchase a new batch and you’ll receive what you’ve ordered, plus 10% extra.

If not, you’ll receive a full refund of your payment (or a voucher, if you prefer). You can consider this to be a crowdfunding campaign. 

Should the amount of back-orders exceed the minimum we need, we will be able to stock up more against a lower price and we’ll adjust your order accordingly (meaning, you’ll get more than you’ve paid for).

So anyone who wants to get their hands on the last 3-MMC we will sell, check out our back-order product, place an order and please pay using Coinbase!
Do not combine the product it with other products, it would make a possible refund more complicated.

We’ll keep everyone participating updated on a regular basis!

Pre-order your 3-MMC here!

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