Instructions to pay for your order using a credit card

You can pay for your order using a credit card by making a donation to a GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign called “Educate low income Philippine teens about drugs”.

The presidents of The Philippines is widely known for his extreme war on drugs. He has given both police, military and even regular citizens the liberty to ‘shoot and kill’ anyone active in drug use or trade. His policy has unfortunately caused as estimated 12.000 people to be violently killed.

There are plenty of countries in Europe and North America that practice a controversial policy against conscious-altering substances, including research chemicals, but those policies bleach in comparison to the situation in the Philippines.

To pay for your order using this donation method, please follow the steps below to the letter:

  • Open the campaign page by clicking on this link, the campaign will open in a new window.
  • Click on the button “Donate Now”
  • Enter the amount of your order in the field “Enter your donation”.
  • Make sure the currency is set to EURO. If you see a different currency, please make sure to convert from EURO into the currency shown (You can use this currency converter)
  • If you also want to donate to the actual campaign, please feel free to add any additional amount you are comfortable with. Any surplus funds will be donated to Human Rights Watch, an NGO actively working to end this extreme war on drugs.
  • Slide the slider “Tip GoFundMe Services” to whatever value you are comfortable with. Note that this tip will go to the website, not us or the campaign.
  • Click “Continue” and you will be presented with all payment options available in your region.
  • Under “Donation details” be sure to check “Don’t display my name” and leave the “Referred by” field empty.

After completing the steps above, please fill and submit the form below

Payment policy

You have followed all the steps as described above.

Should something go wrong with your order you will contact us instead of doing a chargeback.

Performing a chargeback or not following our instructions outlined above will result in your order being cancelled, your account removed and any funds transferred won't be refunded. Your email and IP address will be banned from accessing this site.

All data provided by you is treated as highly confidential and will be destroyed after a set amount of time.

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