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Etizolam (also known as Etilaam, Etizest, and lots of others) is a publication depressant substance of the thienodiazepine class. Etizolam is related to benzodiazepines and acts by binding to GABA receptors in the brain.


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Etizolam is not commonly prescribed. It’s been marketed as a research compound online and is commonly employed as a substitute for pharmaceutical benzodiazepines such as alprazolam (Xanax) or diazepam (Valium). Etizolam is usually found in pellet or pill form, put on blotter paper, or even as a pure powder.

Subjective effects include anxiety suppression, disinhibition, muscle relaxation, sedation, and euphoria. Etizolam is commonly handled orally and sublingually due to the high bioavailability of these paths.

Etizolam first appeared on the online research chemical marketplace in 2011. Since that time its popularity has steadily improved. This likely owes itself to both its low cost and its abundance, and the exceptionally dependence-forming and addictive character it shares with recreationally-used benzodiazepines.

Etizolam differs from most other research compounds in it is approved and prescribed as a medical treatment for stress in many nations around the world, generally under brand names like Etilaam and Etizest. Its roots as a medical drug are unclear, although medical papers citing its use in the treatment of stress have been recorded as early as the 1990s.

Etizolam is a structural relative of benzodiazepines, whereby the benzene ring has been substituted by a thiophene ring, classifying it as a thienodiazepine. Thiophene is a five-membered aromatic ring with one sulfur atom. Etizolam includes a thiophene ring fused to a diazepine ring, and it is a seven-membered ring with the two nitrogen components found at R1 and R4. This creates the thienodiazepine heart of etizolam. An ethyl chain is bound to this bicyclic structure at R7. Additionally, a R2′ chlorine-substituted phenyl ring is jumping for this structure at R5.

Etizolam additionally includes a methylated triazole ring fused to and incorporating R1 and R2 of its diazepine ring.

While this site is easily the most prolific inhibitory receptor place within the brain, its modulation results in the sedating (or calming effects) of etizolam on the nervous system.




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