K-Hole and the Effects of Ketamine

K-Hole and the Effects of Ketamine - Rabbit

“Falling into a k-hole” is slang for how it feels when you take a high enough dose of ketamine that your consciousness of the world about you and your control over your own body become profoundly impaired that you’re temporarily unable to interact with others–or even the world around you.

It is used as a noun and much more lately in treating specific depressive disorders. In simple terms, dissociative medications make users feel isolated from themselves and reality. These feelings of dissociation get more intense at high doses, causing people to feel disconnected from or not able to control their own bodies, for example, ability to speak and move around easily.

The K-Hole Expertise

One way to think about a k-hole is a state involving intoxication and a coma. As the consciousness of the real world diminishes, alterations in your perceptions may cause illusions and hallucinations. While temporary, some users might show ongoing dissociative and psychotic symptoms.

It can be hard to comprehend why someone would voluntarily take this kind of terrifying drug. The truth is that if taken in lower doses, it can produce feelings of euphoria, making someone feel”at one with the universe.” Most users do not intend to take too much and drop into the frightening and intensely helpless k-hole experience.

The feeling of powerlessness felt in a k-hole is especially true when your ability to speak is influenced. To the others around you, you might just look immobile and drunk, but your eyes may move around,, an effect known as nystagmus. When in a k-hole, it can be frustrating if somebody is attempting to communicate with you and you can not respond.

Other common effects include conspicuous confusion, unexplainable adventures, floating sensations, and mind/body dissociation.

To those who have not ever used the medication, it can appear strange that anybody would want to take something that has these effects. Why would this be?

For a number of users, the k-hole provides a temporary escape from the stresses of life–decreasing their existence to nearly nothing. Research shows that at least 50% of individuals who use ketamine encounter some agreeable effects, most often, feeling happy, feeling laidback, being relaxed, and with improved perceptual skills.

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