Jusqu'à présent, le moyen le plus simple d'acheter du Bitcoin avec une carte de crédit / débit

We’ve tested a lot of the exchange services out there. There;’s even a whole page dedicated on comment acheter Bitcoin.

Recently we stumbled upon Bitnovo.com. It is by far the easiest and fastest way to buy Bitcoin (or other Crypto coins) using your card,

They don’t require any registration, uploading photos of your ID and proof of address. You simply input the number of euros you want to exchange for crypto, enter your wallet address (a good one is Coinomi)

Not only is paying your orders on BenzoKing, com using Bitcoin the cheapest and quickest payment method, this is also the perfect time to start investing in cryptocurrency.

The past couple of months Bitcoin has seen a spectacular rise, and many analysts believe it will continue to rise throughout 2021. Some claim it might go as high as 250.000 USD per 1 BTC (that’s 10X it’s current value).

So if you had problems buying BTC in the past, give Bitnovo a try. They are a regulated company based in Spain.

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