If you’re looking for a shroom-esque psychedelic the apparent ones to urge (past 4-AcO-DMT, which is merely a prodrug to 4-HO-DMT, such as Psilocybin) are another 4-hydroxy substituted tryptamines. All these are quite like plain old Psilocin, and have roughly the same effects/duration, being normally sedating and contemplative in character. Here’s a Brief list of the four most common ones:


In comparison with the dimethyl cousin, 4-HO-MET has a much shallower and more easy-going headspace. This factor in particular makes it a fantastic choice for inexperienced users that are Spartan, as it is not as likely to cause a bad experience due to its relatively more benign and lucid character. The body-load can be slightly more stimulating with this one than with psilocin, though in general I would say it’s still quite stoning. In regards to visuals 4-HO-MET will have quite pronounced and colorful OEV of a nature somewhat more electronic than 4-HO-DMT, however in the long run, again, they are quite comparable.

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is among my favourite psychedelics, and certainly my best pick from this lineup. It’s a comparably similar headspace to shrooms concerning thickness, although I find it also tends to have an inclination towards somewhat darker lines of thought in a pleasantly spooky manner. In regards to the body-load, this one is pretty stoning and quite sensual; surely more conducive to relaxing at home as opposed to walking around outside. The visuals it supplies are, for lack of a better description, rather wavy or swirly in character. 1 notable quirk about this substance I adore is its ability to continually send me into fits of hysterical laughter towards the conclusion of the trip (it’s a truly bizarre, yet joyous, adventure to find yourself cackling at nothing specifically so hard that you have tears in mind, and being completely incapable of stopping).


Is another well regarded member of this household, with a reputation for being around the stimulating side, and for owning a very tingly body-load. I can’t comment on this one , because I have yet to taste it, but it appears to be well liked by this community, and in particular I’ve seen multiple men and women mention that it has a notably empathogenic headspace, not completely dissimilar to its kissing cousin 5-MeO-MiPT.


Is a bit of an oddball, and I admit that I haven’t really figured out how to accurately describe it compared to the others mentioned here. It appears to have a particularly bad bioavailability when ingested orally, and therefore is better taken rectally or via insufflation (the latter of which is particularly unpleasant as a result of its flavor, which I’ve heard somebody explain quite aptly as”when a deceased fish took a shit in your mouth”). Unlike its foundation tryptamine equivalent DPT, this one includes a fairly light headspace and within my experience instead unremarkable visuals. Particularly though, 4-HO-DPT does possess a specially erotic somatic edge to it, which adds well to sexual activities while under its influence.

Other more obscure members of the family include 4-HO-MPT, 4-HO-EPT, and 4-HO-DiPT, none of which I can comment on from personal experience (however, from what I have read they seem to have the same general traits present in different 4-subs). Perhaps someone else can chime in with more in depth descriptions of these three.

For every one of the above mentioned compounds there are of course also the acetylated variations, which like 4-AcO-DMT, look to behave simply as pro-drugs for their 4-hydroxy types.

These two have much more nuanced or abstract visuals/headspaces, and particularl

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