A Summary of Numerous Benzodiazepines

A Summary of Numerous Benzodiazepines - Medicine

There are many different ways regarding benzodiazepines. I personally see great use and benefits in them, even though it’s not right to talk about them without acknowledging their addictive and recreational potential. In fact, they’re very beneficial, but they are also enjoyable, as well as very destructive.
Some compounds don’t technically conform to the typical benzodiazepine structure they could be described as thienodiazepines, or the like. They share a similar mechanism for action, however, will require me to put them in the category of benzodiazepines. For shorthand, I will refer to them in this way.

An update on my experiences: My primary medication for a number of years was etizolam. I used it several times a week, and for quite some time. At the same time, I consumed a range of pharmaceutical benzodiazepines bought off the streets or from my friends. I added flualprazolam to my routine and discovered in it a practical hypnotic. My interest was peaked and I wanted to know what variety of experiences the rest of the family can provide. With such a wide array of substances currently available being offered, I was left to think about what made each distinctive? The benzodiazepine experience is, in fact fairly common and some substances may be identical, however, I wanted to test what I could see for myself.

My primary goal when using benzodiazepines was to provide an easy way to end the night. If I had been using other substances like stimulants, psychedelics or dissociatives. They will snuff out any remaining stimulants and get my mind to rest. They were also enjoyable on their own and I’d like to spend an hour or two in a completely relaxing space. I’d always go to them in the evening to relax for a couple of hours before going to bed. I fell into a state of dependency and was that I was able quickly to reduce my dosage without suffering the darkest depths of what benzo discontinuation can cause. I was fortunate, I was off for about a month before giving up and returning. For as long as I’m an addict to multiple drugs benzos are too beneficial. I keep track of my use on an excel spreadsheet that tracks my consumption and budget days in a week. It’s not easy to walk down an uneven slope.
At the moment and over the course of numerous experiments the average dosage is 3-4 times per week, using a variety of compounds and dosages. I’ve built up a moderate tolerance. I’ve found that I can take a break for a while without feeling the sensation of burning. It’s difficult for me to go to sleep without aid.

To judge every compound, I refer to several metrics to define them: duration, strength, and the various proportions in which they manifest the diverse impacts of benzodiazepines. To provide an understanding and base for how the experience of benzodiazepines is perceived by me The qualities I study are:

Amnesia: The degree to which the substance hinders memory. It’s not often that I experience a complete blackout, but blurred memory is an ongoing effect that may last for days. This is typically the way I know whether the drug is affecting me.

Hypnotic It is a sedative drug, at the time of the experience, and later on.

Muscle relaxant What percentage of the substance alters the tension in muscles and physical relaxation, and eventually a reduction in motor coordination in higher doses.

Functional What is the function of the ingredient, specifically linked to its amnesic, sedative and muscle relaxant properties that work in concert to influence overall functionality. These characteristics can manifest in a variety of ways that could hinder thinking, and movement as well as cause confusion and decrease the ability to communicate in a coherent manner.

Creative/euphoric This is the reason I am a huge fan of benzodiazepines. Certain have a natural euphoria however, what really impresses me is their incredible capacity for creativity. The most appealing effect I want from benzodiazepines would be an imaginative and child-like experience in whatever task you are working on. Be it video games chores at home, or things to do in the workplace, my mind can transform these routine tasks with dazzling realism. Consider Calvin and Hobbes in which Calvin projected his fantasies onto the everyday humdrum of everyday life. Benzos make me feel like Calvin.

Anxiolytic The extent that which the medication reduces the intensity of anxiety or its baseline as well as the general feeling that it gives you of “calm” and well-being.

Inhibiting How much the drug reduces inhibitions, either by causing reckless behaviour or impulsive choices.

Involvement with additional substances: The ability of the drug to diminish or block the stimulant effects from other substances, stop horrifying hallucinogenic effects, and the capacity to induce sleep when in the presence of stimulants. It is also worth considering the potential synergistic relationship it could have with other substances especially dependent on dosage.

The dosage and response will be based on to what I believe are discrete levels in the intensity benzos provide.

Therapy dose It produces the most subtle anxiolysis, a brief haze of memory, perhaps some tinge of euphoria. The effect is extremely functional and appears to be sober.

Dose for recreation: An interaction that could compromise performance, accompanied by a surge of happiness. I’m certain that I am in the midst of this substance. I can in the main part hide my high from people around me.

Intoxicating dosage: I’m unable to keep an uninterrupted stream of thought or conversation. I wander off and stumble over my words. When I’m having trouble moving about, amnesia suffocates the majority of my memories. I appear to be intoxicated to other people. It is important to note that certain compounds appear to pass from a recreational dose to a hypnotic dosage and avoid the feeling of intoxication.

A dose of hypnosis: A dose which will eventually drown out any other effects and sends me into a sleep that is uncontrollable regardless of what I’m occupied with. While I can sleep much more easily when I take any benzodiazepine dose, I believe a dose that is hypnotic as one which compels me to go to bed against my own will. Sometimes, I’ve had to wake up in a location which isn’t my mattress. This usually indicates a high dose. I’m unable to get to this level with some compounds, and other ones I haven’t yet tried.

In that mind, this is a short overview of each benzodiazepine or similar compound that I’ve consumed. Certain were consumed once when they came into my life through acquaintances or acquaintances. Others were consumed frequently. I incorporate this into my descriptions of each. The descriptions I write will be as thorough as I am able to make them.

Important Note: The doses I provide are just an indication for me- because of my tolerance, they are somewhat higher than the doses that could be beneficial for a person who is benzo-naive. I have done this to illustrate the various dosages that produce certain effects. This information is only shared to give context to my own experiences.

Substances are listed alphabetically.

Alprazolam (Xanax)

Alprazolam is a normal and neutral benzodiazepine which gives all of the desired effects. It is quick-acting, and an unassuming presence that gets heavier as doses increase. The brief duration of the activity can make it a good candidate for binge drinking. It could trigger euphoria and imagination. It was that it was hypnotic. The potential for binge is the sole risk of blackouts. There’s a reason why it’s frequently prescribed, and there’s an explanation for why people consume huge quantities of Alprazolam. It’s a lot of entertaining to spend a whole day tossing them around and definitely becoming severely in a state of unconsciousness, but being able to be enjoying the experience. It didn’t force me to sleep however it made getting to sleep quick and simple. It was a brief presence in my life. I would get a bottle whenever it walked by, however, it was not often typically through a family member who had a prescription or street dealer (which is now extremely risky due to the rise of Fentanyl). Strangely enough, I have not experienced any Alprazolam “bar”, all the pills I’ve seen are different types.

My usual oral dose (with tolerance) could be:

Therapeutic: .5-1 mg.

Recreational: 1-3 mg

Intoxicated: 3+ mg

Hypnotic: N/A (never would it work)

It is usually about 4-6 hours with no consequences the following day.


When studying new benzodiazepines, Bromazolam demonstrated great promise in discussions on the internet. People reported strong effects of recreational like euphoria and feeling of sedation, as well as a sensation of a warm, gentle glow. This is among the most amnesic drugs I’ve ever consumed. The short-term memory of the patient was affected, making holding conversations difficult. It’s sufficiently sedating and has a pleasing warmth that isn’t present in other benzodiazepines. It’s great for the night in a comfortable position, with something smooth. What I did not enjoy, however, was the severity of the amnesic effects, especially as they lasted for several days even after other effects had subsided. This could result in me accidentally and unintentionally losing days that I’d like to be able to recall. I didn’t see any information about this online discussion, but when I brought it up, a small number of users shared the same experience. This is lovely and beneficial and gentle benzo, incredibly soothing, warm and friendly, however, losing two weeks of my existence, with no additional effects is an issue for me.

My usual oral dose (with tolerance) could be:

Therapeutic: Not tried

Recreational: 4-6 mg

Intoxicated: 6+ mg

Hypnotic: not known (never attained this level)

The duration is typically 6- 8 hours, with amnesic effects lasting for the following 2 days.

Clonazepam (Klonopin)

Clonnazepam is a delightful benzodiazepine. It is a rush of euphoria as well as remarkable creativity. It lasts for a long time and most importantly, it makes me feel truly high without being affected. It’s a vivid and vibrant and creative high, in which I am energized and happy and almost blissful. A lower dose is ideal for situations in social settings. Higher doses were the perfect opportunity to enjoy a night playing video games or making mundane tasks more enjoyable. It was my first time experimenting with longer-lasting benzos and was my first lesson in memory fog that continued throughout the following day. This was also the first benzo I consumed for recreational purposes.

My usual oral dose (with tolerance) could be:

Therapeutic: .5-1 mg

Recreational: 1-2.5 mg

Intoxicated: 2.5+ mg

Hypnotic: not known (never got to this point)

The duration is typically 8 to 20 hours, based on the dose.


Clonazolam is a little somewhat of a resemblance to. A visit to an online chemical research community will result in those who believe that this drug has some kind of mysterious origin, or that it’s an affliction on humanity. Many of these stories come directly from users who speak of the experiences of others as a warning measure. However, as among the most frequently used items that are found in the inventory of online retailers It is evidently well-known and has an enormous interest in it. For those who aren’t familiar with Clonazolam’s popularity is due to numerous factors. It is extremely potent and has active doses within the sub-mg level. It is often amnesic. It has a prolonged duration, comparable to Clonazepam. The amnesic and potency could lead to catastrophe. Clonazolam is also known as the last resort for those who suffer from a heavy addiction to benzodiazepine because its potency and duration make it the most cost-effective method of maintaining a serious habit. Personally, however, I find Clonazolam to be quite unpleasant. It is for me extremely relaxing. When I attempted it, I accidentally fell asleep during my alarms and skipped various commitments. Once it’s out of my body, I’m in a state of amnesiac haze in which I feel as if I’m going to fall asleep in the blinking department (save the initial few hours, which are fairly functional, though somewhat hazy and insignificant). I’m useless for a few days and do not gain anything from it. It never felt particularly euphoric or enthralling for me, possibly due to the smothering sedation. It’s definitely a good option when you’re looking to cut out a day or two. I’ve never been able to completely shut out of it, but thankfully. It’s hard to imagine me using the drug every morning, however, I’m certain that a tolerance smooths the edges. It’s like a drug designed to satisfy the needs of people who require an addiction to a certain degree and not anyone other.

My standard oral dose (with tolerance) could be:

Therapeutic: not tried

Recreational: .5-1 mg

Intoxicated: 1+ mg

Hypnotic: not known (never got to this point)

The duration is typically 10-20 hours based on the dose

Diazepam (Valium)

Diazepam is a well-known and iconic benzodiazepine one of the first drugs to hit the market in the 1960s. I’d been looking for it for many years trying it to see if it was worth a try and, by chance luck, the abundance of it was available. Diazepam is a common benzodiazepine. I employ the term”neutral” often to describe benzos. It truly demonstrates that it gives the desired effects without having anything other than what you would normally say about. It checks every box: anxiolytic, euphoric and slightly sedating, and even amnesic at larger doses. It is a clear and effective benzo that is likely the reason it is credited with its commercial success. One thing I’ve noticed about this benzo is that it’s not any sedative at all, up to the point that it’s totally ineffective to stifle the last of stimulants, and in putting me in a state of sleep. I’ve taken as high as 30mg, and found myself lying on my bed, staring at the ceiling until dawn broke I was definitely blurred but it was not able to provide the ability to eliminate the other substances that were circulating into my body. It’s benzo that is subtle and that is a background. One thing I noticed was that the time to start is extremely fast, which is beneficial in dealing with the anxiety-related episodes that occur frequently. Although it is well-known that Diazepam has a long-lasting effect, however, the effects appeared to disappear fairly quickly, and I never experienced amnesia that lasted into the following day. Perhaps I metabolize it in a different way.

My usual oral dose (with tolerance) could be:

Therapeutic: 5-20 mg

Recreational: 20-40 mg

Intoxicated: 40+ mg

Hypnotic: not known (never got to this point)

The duration is typically 8-12 hours based on the dose


If you are looking for coherent details on Diclazepam here, they’re not in the right place. I’m unable to get my head around this medication. Its effects are questionable, and I’ve personally never experienced any significant effects from it regardless of what is deemed to be a “heavy” dose. This is an issue of contention reading through online discussions about Diclazepam there are two sides- people who say it’s a subtle substance with no noticeable effects, it is merely used to help keep someone with an addiction well, and that there isn’t any “high” or intoxication to talk about. On the other hand, there is a claim that it is psychoactive and may be intoxicating as well as those who say it’s innocuous have been using bogus batches of the drug. I am in the former camp, although I’ve also only dealt with one batch. I’ve not had the chance to get the test results. When I brought up this issue to discuss, it quickly got heated with those on either side of the argument fervently defending their positions. As of now, I’m unable to be sure that I will be able to make a statement about this drug. I’ve taken doses of up to 8 mg, and the most noticeable side effects I experienced were excessive liquid and decreased sexual desire. While it was fascinating to observe but these aren’t things that are typical of benzodiazepines. In the event that I take it, it is evident that there is something affecting my body, however, it’s difficult to tell anything other than that. After only trying this particular batch, it’s difficult for me to give a definitive opinion on the substance that is controversial. Maybe it will get transparent in the near future.

My standard oral dosage (with tolerance) could be:

Therapeutic: n/a

Recreational: n/a

Intoxicated: n/a

Hypnotic: n/a

The duration for me is probably just a few hours. It’s difficult to determine since the effects aren’t visible.


Etizolam is, without doubt, my most preferred benzodiazepine (technically a thienodiazepine, but it’s a good thing). It is by a large amount the one I’ve had the most exposure to, the one I most often use and is probably the most pleasurable and useful out of the bunch. Etizolam is awe-inspiringly euphoric and creative. Many a night was spent playing video games and slipping away on Etizolam. It was always thrilling and vivid, but it was also comfortable and relaxing all at once. It’s not too sedating until I go higher in doses and at that point, it can become extremely dizzy and confusing, before then fading into a sleepy state of sleep. The amnesia-like symptoms can continue for the rest of the day. It’s lively and social and permits free-flowing conversations. It is useful in various scenarios. Although it was once my go-to sleep aid or trip killer, however, my usage of Flualprazolam does not permit it to fulfil this function. At present, it’s an absolute pleasure by itself. This is the benchmark to which I will compare each benzodiazepine.

My usual oral dose (with tolerance) could be:

Therapeutic: .5-1.5 mg

Recreational: 1.5-6 mg

Intoxicated: 6+ mg

Hypnotic: not known (never attained this level)

It is typically 6-12 hours based on the dose.


Flualprazolam is another of my most-used benzodiazepine. It is also a drug that has a notable effect. The benefit here is the ability to induce sedation. I’ve never come across a drug that provides instant and reliable relaxation without the need to wait for days. There’s no hypnotic which can knock me out as fast as Flualprazolam in the least. Whatever else may be going through my system the drug will slide its hands over my head, conquer everything, and put my body to go to sleep. An extended, peaceful and deep sleep, contingent on the dosage. Higher doses will give me the type of sleep that I’ll effortlessly sleep through my alarms. I’ve discovered that it sneaks through my windows regardless of what I’m doing I’ve awakened with my laptop open or in a place that isn’t my bed several times If I have the dose I have to acknowledge that my night has ended. Lower doses are often recreational, which is a vague drowsy type of high that doesn’t have much force in the background. This can be particularly enhanced when paired with a lower dose of a stimulant such as caffeine. Other than that, it helps in sleeping me at any time, especially when I am taking other medications. Unfortunately, it was my excessive use of this which led to me developing a little dependence on benzodiazepines. my use of them could be the reason I’m having a hard time getting to sleep without assistance. It’s an amazing power which must be utilized with care.

My standard oral dosage (with tolerance) could be:

Therapeutic: <.5 mg

Recreational: 1-1.5 mg

Intoxicated: ~1.5 mg

Hypnotic: 1.5+ mg

The duration is usually 6-12 hours, based on the dose.


Flubromazepam belongs to the rare benzos that are able to be assessed on an ordinary mg scale. Flubromazepam is also unique to me because of its incredibly long duration of memory fog, which can last for three days or longer. Like other substances that last for a long time that is available, it can have a lengthy, slow and slow return which can take as long as 3 hours before the effects begin to manifest. I’ve only tried it once typically during depressive episodes in which I try to skip time. It’s not something that should be taken lightly, and it’s an advantage that it’s extremely ineffective, otherwise it could be a very hazardous substance to deal with. The real experience is empty and unfocused, swaying through the ages. There’s not much to reflect on, there’s no frenzied rush, no intense sedation, or even an absolute blackout, but the lingering fog.

My standard oral dosage (with tolerance) could be:

Therapeutic: Not to be attempted

Recreational: 8-14 mg

Intoxicated: 14+ mg

Hypnotic: not known (never attained this level)

The duration is typically 24 to 72 hours based on the dose


Similar to Flubromazepam and somewhat alike in effects. Another long-distance benzo. It does however have the advantage of being very powerful and extremely relaxing. This isn’t a substance that should be tossed around. As a reference, I took it once and I do not see any reason for me to take it again. It’s also lengthy and can be heard droning for a number of days. Contrary to Flubromazepam the days I was almost non-functional. The drowsiness overwhelmed everything and left me exhausted and unproductive. Like Clonazolam, however, it is much longer-lasting. I don’t see any benefit from this drug except for those who have an extremely high tolerance to benzos or chronic insomnia and need something that is long-lasting, powerful and relaxing.

My sole test was an amount of 400 mg. It was effective, but within to be the “recreational” range for other substances, minus the sedation that was intense. It lasted about 60 hours.


Another extremely potent compound is Another sedative that is heavy Another one I’ve only once tried and haven’t been able to get excited about revisiting. In contrast to other ultra-potents, this compound has a very short duration. It didn’t provide much of a “high” or “high it was just a brief feeling of sleep as if I had consumed melatonin or Doxylamine. There was no lingering discomfort that persisted into the following day. Actually, it was actually quite the contrary. It quickly and forcefully induced sleep. However, it was a brief, insomniac sleep that led to me awake early the next morning not feeling tired, but not rested also. The following day, however, I was feeling energized and anxious, as if the quick and acute event had caused an intense rebound. My muscles were tight and twitchy. My teeth were clenched, and I was fidgeting and anxious throughout the day. Although I can see an extremely powerful and short-acting hypnotic that is effective, however, I am not sure if I want to revisit a drug that has been shown to cause slight withdrawal effects on the following day.

My sole test was 200 mg of the drug that produced almost nothing, with the exception of a little amnesia. After an hour and a half later, an additional 250 mg dose was given which caused fast and intense sleepiness. It was not a “high” to speak of between the baseline and the time of the time I went to sleep. When I fell asleep, it was evident that it left my body before I woke up. I would estimate the total time of my experience somewhere between 2 and 4 hours.

Lorazepam (Ativan)

I’ve only had limited experiences with this substance, having just a couple of times, when friends suggested it. I’m not sure if I could completely describe it, because the dosages I tried were either so small that they weren’t noticeable or were so high that I felt completely intoxicated. It’s generally thought of as a light and quick-acting benzo however it was moderate when I was not just taking a small amount. If I was completely drunk, however, it was a tense sensation, dizzy and uneasy. I had fun, was a bit silly, I don’t recall everything that happened, but I can recall being on the brink of delirium. I would think that there were people in my living space that were not there, and I was convinced that my friends from the past were visiting. It’s possible that this caused more a short-term rather than long-term amnesiac effects, and according to other people, I was unable to keep a consistent focus on activities. I’d like to play with this more with a greater degree of control and it shouldn’t be overlooked, it’s definitely something to be considered.

My standard oral dosage (with tolerance) could be:

Therapeutic: 1 mg

Recreational: n/a

Intoxicated: 6+ mg

Hypnotic: Not attempted

It is typical for the duration to be between about 4-and 6 hours.


Meclonazepam is wonderful. It is only because it’s nearly identical to clonazepam. It’s just it is a little less powerful. I’m not sure if I can differentiate between them through a blind test. They both have the same euphoric, imaginative sensation, the same length and the same amount of amnesia and sedation. Clonazepam is something that I hold close to my heart. as a close friend of Clonazepam is my friend and I discovered that in Meclonazepam.

My usual oral dose (with tolerance) could be:

Therapeutic: .5-1 mg

Recreational: 5-10 mg

Intoxicated: 10+ mg

Hypnotic: N/A (never attained this level)

The duration is typically 8-20 hours, depending on the dose.


Norflurazepam is another chemical that has been cited as ideal for tapering similar to Diazepam, and Diclazepam. This is due to its lower potency, permitting dosages to be adjusted precisely as well as its claimed longer half-life. I personally found that the treatment did not last for as long as I had hoped. For those who suffer from dependence, the experience could provide an enigmatic tail that could keep them healthy for a long time enough to allow a stable taper. I noticed that the majority of the acute effects dissipated within a reasonable period of time. Regarding the experiences this drug provides, it’s fairly typical for a benzodiazepine that is like Diazepam. It’s a little more sedating and intoxicating when you take more doses than Diazepam might be, however, and I believe it has more potential for recreational use in this regard. It is a perfectly above-average substance. It is not too amnesic or hazy and can cause me to sleep and overpower other substances without disrupting my daily routine.

My standard oral dose (with tolerance) could be:

Therapeutic: 5-10 mg

Recreational: 15-20 mg

Intoxicated: 30+ mg

Hypnotic: not known (never got to this point)

The duration is typically 10-16 hours based on the dose


In the vast array of benzodiazepines that I’ve tried so recently, Pyrazolam has proven to be the most popular and effective of the bunch. It’s a very effective benzodiazepine which falls in the Goldilocks “just right” zone in regards to sedation. It’s capable of muffling out other sensations and putting me to sleep but free of hypnotic and overwhelming effects. It’s perhaps one of the most amnesiac benzos I’ve consumed. I’m not sure I’d be able to get rid of this regardless of how hard I try. Although it’s definitely fuzzy, even though the following day, the effects of amnesia simply stop off and don’t increase beyond a mid-range dose. In higher doses, it is certainly enjoyable and fun but at lower doses, it’s anxiolytic in a quiet way and could be ideal for those who need to perform tasks in public without anxiety. It’s not as enjoyable or as powerful as Etizolam however it does fit in my routine and has a particular benefit which I consider to be very valuable.

My standard oral dosage (with tolerance) could be:

Therapeutic: 2-4 mg

Recreational: 4-6 mg

Intoxicated: 8+ mg

Hypnotic: not known (never got to this point)

The duration is typically 8-12 hours, based on the dose.

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